Package sources

This is a standalone perl script to list installed packages by repository. Note that this is the repository they are currently in, not necessarily the repository they were installed from.

Packages are listed using the package name and, where available, the display name. If the version currently installed cannot be found in any repository, then the version number(s) found will be printed as well. If the package cannot be found in any repository then "Unknown" will be printed for that package.

You can download either the script itself, or a ZIP file containing the script and instructions. There's also a python equivalent.

Last Update: 1 April 2010

Last changes:

  • Add debian epoch number if missing from version strings
  • Lowercase all package names from repositories


To list all installed packages and the repository they came from:


To list packages from a single repository:

perl Ovi

If it doesn't recognise the repository name (it should match those in App Manager) then it'll print out a list of the defined repositories.